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Guest enjoy dining in the Green Iguana Bar & Grill open daily and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Years have passed since that fateful trip, but the man remembers it like yesterday. Though still young and handsome, he was weary and tired from the stresses of careering, and desperate for relief. "Those neckties you wear are strangling the very life from you" his doctor said. "You must go to the farthest reaches of the planet, away from the pressures of civilization, and heal your mind and body. Do not return until you find the truth."
He called a friend. "I know of just such a place" his friend said. "It is very remote and difficult to find, and requires many hours of travel by air, and sea, and overland, but they say it has mystical restorative powers. Come, we shall find it together." A day later, they emerged by jeep from the rainforest to behold a small village, shining like a jewel against the powdery white sand and the turqouise sea, framed by lush green mountains. He smelled the nectar of gardenia and could hear the distant roar of a waterfall. This must be the most beautiful place on earth, the man thought to himself, and felt the stress rush from his body as if by magic.
Rest came easily as the days passed. The men fished for Black Marlin by day; the nights were spent at Crazy Doctor Ementus' beach bar, where they were welcomed with exotic fare, sultry music, and the intoxicating mix of local brew and beautiful native maidens. One night, he encountered the most radiant of them all, a long haired godess with mocha skin and deep brown eyes. Without saying a word, she took his hand and led him away. "That is the Princess Ivana" Doctor Ementus told the man's friend. "She knows what will heal him." They walked along the beach to a deserted cove, where they lay under the stars for hours, and the powers of nature overwhelmed them.
When he finally opened his eyes, he was startled, the rocks around him were moving. "The Doctor's brew is potent indeed!" he thought to himself. Looking closer, he could see it was not the rocks, but something moving among them.
A giant lizard looked back at him. Then he saw dozens of them. He looked up at the canopy of trees above and saw thousands more, all seeming to be looking upon him and the princess. Strangely, he felt not threatened, but calm, as though protected by them. "That is the Lizard King, the Great Green Iguana, and this is his Kingdom" Ivana told him. "They are the noblest of all reptiles. They are social, peaceful, clean and civilized creatures. It is written that they have great powers to calm even the most tormented of souls." And at that moment he realized he found the truth. "Tomorrow I must journey home, Princess Ivana. But I will dedicate my life to creating for others a place like this, a slice of paradise, a refuge where men and women can find relaxation, indulge and satisfy themselves, and learn what I have, that civilization is simply a state of mind, never far away. And I will name it in this magical creature's honor, to protect and watch over us, the Green Iguana."

Buddha Lounge

Buddha Lounge is open for dinner only and serves the best sushi in Tampa! 

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